Resort Development Services

Resort and recreational development have been a mainstay for the middle and upper middle class in the US for EVER.  Country Clubs, golf courses, timeshare units, lakefront and golf course home sites, vacation clubs, yacht clubs and other leisure lifestyle developments and services are here to stay. They are profitable if developed and managed correctly.  Its not easy though.  There are many critical, stair step type decisions that must be made in an exact order and then executed perfectly.

Terry Christopher Bounds and his team, made up of civil engineers, MUD designers, real estate lawyers, sales and marketing executives and resort managers, all with 20+ years developing and managing successful projects, advise and oversee those projects they feel will be profitable to all the partners….if developed correctly.

Direct & Passive Asset Oversight, Management & Consulting by Terry Christopher Bounds

  • Resort & Country Club Sales and Promotion

  • Time Share Marketing & Sales

  • Travel Club Marketing and Sales

  • E-commerce / Digital Media Project Development

  • Strategic Oversight Planning

  • Specialized Passive Participation

  • Lawsuit Avoidance & Legal Mal-practice Awareness

  • Legal & Tax Referrals

Contract & Note Management. Portfolio not big enough for a securitization? Chris Bounds Austin Texas may be able to help.

Secured Notes:

Seasoned (12 payments)

Newly issued (0-1 payments)

Credit scored

Collateral valuation/liquidity

Unsecured Notes:

Risk rate & premium


Pledge vs Sale

Secondary Market

Third Party Administration

Payments Processing


Real Time Reporting

Timeshare Notes

Land & Lot Notes

Terry Christopher Bounds awarded Citizen of the Year for his energetic support of the Hill Country CSA.

2015 Citizen Of The Year.
Terry Christopher Bounds